Meet Sha'La

​Born in Tennessee, Sha’La’s extraordinary gift of intuitive ability was evident from her earliest years. Her Great Grandmother, Parlee, a Native American Wisdom/Medicine Woman, was her first teacher. Over the years God has led Sha’La to other teachers who have helped her develop her gifts and abilities - with even more to come. Her life's work offers the opportunity to live and connect in the Spirit world and bring that wisdom back to you and your entire family.

For over twenty-five years, Sha’La Lightwolf has traveled the world assisting Mother Earth in an incredible and Sacred Journey of Ascension.

With Sha'La's ability to channel directly from God and the Ascended Masters of Divine Love and Light, she is able to support the clearing of old habits, negative thought forms, blockages, and the clearing of the soul of restraints.  She taps into the Akashic records to implement the healing from trauma or barriers from past lives.

Sha’La is a Trance Channeler who receives the energies of Master Jesus, Mother Mary, and many other Ascended Masters in her healing mission. Sha’La also connects with the Fairy Kingdom, Water Spirits, Tree Beings and other Life Forces.