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Sha'La Lightwolf

Paranormal Shaman

Author of Led by Spirit

Minister, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Clearer, Spiritual Guidance, Healing Classes, Cranial Sacral Therapy and more

Soul Clearing for the
Planet, People, Places and Pets

To book your appointment call Sha'La at 423-923-1020

or Mary at 812-557-3099

Sha'La is currently taking appointments for the

Broome County, New York area from Oct. 1st - 25th.

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Black and White Star in Circle

I had a great experience meeting Sha'La. The soul clearing gave me a new perspective on life. I feel like it has changed me for the better. I recommend her services to anyone and it was very invigorating.

Joseph Reese

Black and White Star in Circle

Sha'La thank you for performing the soul clearing on me. I cannot begin to describe the difference it has made in my life. You are a very gifted person! Thank you again! God Bless you!

Nick K

Black and White Star in Circle

Sha'La Lightwolf is a very gifted and humble soul. I have read her book at least 5 times from beginning to end and each time I feel so much better about myself and life. She has helped me understand things that I have had happen to me over the years. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of help. Thank you Sha'La for opening my eyes.

Hazel Northern

Black and White Star in Circle

I had a reading from Sha'La not too long ago. It was the most wonderful experience I could have had. She helped me understand myself and surroundings more. I had goosebumps during the entire session while Sha'La was speaking to me. I would recommend anyone to her for any of the services. Thank you so much Sha'La. You are a Blessing!

Tiffany D

Black and White Star in Circle

Over the years Sha'La has helped me through tough times both physically and spiritually. My most recent clearing was a matter of life or death for me. Positive results were due to her talent of spirit communications through her to my higher self. Her generous nature and dedication to the light of the Creator has helped many people for decades. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me Sha'La.

Lorna Paquin

Black and White Star in Circle

Sha'La Lightwolf's clearing was truly transformative! I felt so light and clear afterwards. The insights I received were empowering, and gave me the ability to move forward in my life with confidence and courage. I now feel much more grounded and at peace. Thank you Sha'La for your gifts of healing!

Nioula Kalorgris

Black and White Star in Circle

I have been doing Wholistic Health Services since the mid 1970s. It has been a joy reuniting with Sha'La. Her "Clearing Work" has raised my vibrations, opened new levels of awareness, increased my sensitivity, intuition, and the ability to listen more than I ever could imagine. Thank you Sha'La for your dedication, love of spirit and being a blessing to the Cosmos.
Infinite Blessings.

Mary H. Clark

Black and White Star in Circle

Me, my girlfriend and her kids had been experiencing paranormal activity at her apartment that seem to be centered around the kids. After a lot of worrying, thinking and discussion we decided that we would seek outside the normal help. After talking with my aunt and telling her what the situation was she put me in contact with Sha'La. Not knowing what to expect we were nervous and excited. We sat down together in the living room and had a discussion about what we were experiencing, feeling and what we had seen. After thoroughly
questioning us separately and together Sha'La started doing her work immediately. Afterwards we felt better and after 3 hours we all could noticeably feel lighter. The anger, stress, pressure left the house. After Sha'La left I talked with both of the children as they said that everything felt a lot better and they felt more safe. After a few weeks Sha'La came back for a follow-up and brought her nephew Will and a fresh printed out specific prayer. They performed another cleansing ritual along with more prayers. After the first session we hadn't been as diligent with our prayer as we should have been and that allowed some of the negative energies to come back. I believe without a doubt that Sha'La helped my family extremely well. We recite the prayer provided to us every day. I would recommend her to anyone that is experiencing any spiritual difficulties.

Shelby Yates


The Divine World Awaits

Contact Me To Discuss Prices For My Services. *Blessings*


Soul Clearing

Prices Vary. Please call Sha'La at 423-923-1020 or Mary at 812-557-3099.

A Soul Clearing is part of the Ascension Transformational Program. Every cell in our body contains memory from every thought and experience from birth and past lives. They also contain the gene-pool heritage from our ancestors.

Through a soul clearing we help the body and soul to release negative memories, emotions, blockages, and traumas that hinder us from moving forward. Your energy body will vibrate fast to release the negative energy.

Any earth-bound entities are released through prayer into Heaven so they can be free and so can you.


Psychic Reading

Prices Vary

Readings come from the Spirit World. Your guides and angels communicate with mine to let me know what to share with you during the session. I use crystal balls, cards and other tools for the connection.

Hand Holding Pendulum


Prices Vary.

The goal of hypnosis is to go deep down and figure out the root cause of what is holding you back. I will guide you through meditation and levels of the subconscious in order to allow you to release negative energies that may be affecting your personal development such as addictions, stress and trauma.


Home/Business/Land Clearing

Prices Vary.

Earth-bound Spirits are stuck, have unfinished business or get lost which causes places to be haunted or have restricted growth.

When vortexes and ley lines turn backwards, they bring up spirits, negative energies, negative beings, etc.

Through the process of clearing we come in with special prayers, energies with our guides and angels and anchor the Light from Heaven to the Earth. We are conduits to move the energies clockwise in a positive direction. We send the spirits to Heaven and we make sure the energies are swept clean before we seal the property.

Contact Me

Sha'La: 423-923-1020

Mary: 812-557-3099